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Patient Comments

Here are few former patients who wanted to share their stories and comments on how New York Methodist Hospital made a significant, positive impact on their lives. Because our patients touch lives as much as we touch theirs, we're always interested in hearing their stories. If you have something to say about an NYM experience, please contact

And if you'd like to add a positive comment to this page, please give us permission to do so. We try to add new comments every few weeks. Thanks!


"I am very grateful for the superior care and attention I received from the staff while I was admitted to the Hospital.

Thanks to all the staff: doctors, nurses, techs, and everybody else that was involved in my care.

I am very thankful to Nailia Aleeva, RN who helped me on B5."
- N. Kolyubakina (6/2/10)

"I would like to thank everyone [who cared by me at NYM] and may god bless you all. Thank you again and I appreciate the hospital."
- A. Issa (5/10)

"My mother was sent to [the seventh floor of your hospital] whee the nurses were the most caring and dedicated nurses I've ever met. You should be very proud of your staff,, especially the nurse named "Joe" on 7 North."
- J. Muchetta (5/3/10)

"I wish to extend my gratitude and thanks to your nursing staff of Minor 604. As a patient there between the periods of October 29, 2009 through November 10, 2009, the respectful and caring attitude that I received from these nurses was overwhelming.

They are a real example of what professional nurses are and should be. I feel that their attitude attributed to my easy and speedy recovery and gave me an uplifted and positive spirit to return home. "
- T. Smith (4/20/10)


"From the very moment Ms. Sam Yee Wu, RN , I commenced to conversing, I felt assuage; emotionally replenished, and ready to go onto the next step. Indeed, there was a very special quality that emitted from Ms. Wu; a quality ordaining her in succoring others. Obviously (nursing) is the medium."
- A. Powell (4/20/10)


"Fleurette Casseus, RN treated my mother with respect, kindness, and dignity. She comforted the family as though she was a member of the family. She is truly a wonderful nurse and should be commended for her ability, professionalism and excellence as a registered nurse."
- L. Olsen (4/20/10)


"I am so pleased at having had the opportunity to encounter, and be served at Methodist Hospital ER and 7 North, by Miss Gemma Michel. She welcomed my husband during his care at the ER with an exemplary sense of service, and graciousness, as well. In our hour of need, I was impressed by her willingness to go beyond the call of mere duty in her one-on-one duty of staying on guard at my husbands side. Her warmth and professional caring were instrumental and irreplaceable in my husbands recovery. "
- J. Conley (4/20/10)


"Words cannot express our appreciation for the wonderful and dedicated care the CCU nursing staff gives to their patients."
- I. Avivi and family (4/20/10)


"Nurse Blossom Bansie and the exceptional professionalism in which she performs her duties. Nurse Bansie is a credit to her profession as well as the hospital."
- G. Stewart (4/20/10)


"I would like to thank the staff at NYM for the care I received last week. Every one there are friendly and knowledgeable professionals. In particular, I'd like to thank DR.Ernesto Mendoza for his expertise and RN Arlette Ntoko for her assistance during a very difficult time. Thank you once again."
- R.S. Victor (4/19/10)


"As an out-patient at the division of psychiatry I would like to say how professional, kind and caring everyone has been in taking care of me. This has also helped my family indirectly. I would especially like to mention Dr. Colah and Dr. Carroll for all of their help. I could not have made it this far without them. Thank you, and thank you Methodist Hospital for having such professionals on your team."
- A.C.E. (4/19/10)


"The staff {in the Pre-surgical, Ambulatory surgery and Operating room} exemplifies true dedication to the nursing profession, and all patients that come to New York Methodist."
- L. Fiorio-Fintz (3/12/10)


"Thank you so much for the wonderful care provided to me while I was there in mid-November. All of you helped to make my stay the best it could be."
- M. Vojtiak (11/19/09)


"I was there every day of [my mother's] 10 day stay. I became familiar with the staff. I felt that their demeanor and professionalism was above and beyond the call of duty. [The staff] was a pleasure to see, and be around, and cared for my mom very lovingly. To me, this is exceptional behavior in a hospital as busy and big in size as Methodist..."
- T. Aderman (10/1/09)

"ER staff was polite and accommodating. They made my stay a pleasant one."
- M. DeSimone


"Vitaly Koretsky [radiologist) was exceptionally good and very professional. I'd like to commend him for his dedication, compassion, sensitivity and outstanding work."
- X. Arracho


"Although my husband and I took a tour of the hospital prior to the birth of our daughter, nothing could have prepared me for the level of professionalism, courtesy and respect I experienced during my stay."
- Alissa L.

"I cannot say enough about the fabulous care that I received while in the hospital -- every single staff member was professional, warm and efficient."
- Laura P.


"The care, compassion and love that your staff brings not only to my mother but all their patients is priceless."
- Cathy M.


"The entire staff on Infill 4 is phenomenal. Each person I encountered prvided their services in a professional and courteous manner at all times."
- M.A.


"During the time that my husband was in the care of Nurse Michelle, the experience for us was very comforting. Michelle always had a big smile on her face. this made us feel very much at ease. She took care of all her patients as soon as they called her. Her atitude was always sparkling. She is a wonderful asset to your staff."
- M.S.


"My mother was brought to your hospital where she was diagnosed with pneumonia. During her weeeks in the hospital,I observed on a daily basis how respectfully and professionally she was treated. The doctor who cared for my mother and informed me most throughly was Dr. Mona Chen. She was compassionate and knowledgable about every aspect of my mother's care".
- L.P.


"I'm writing in reference to my neighbor who was a patient at NYM and her social worker, Johanna. Without going into details, I'll just let you know the exemplary work Johanna did. She went above and beyond in such a pleasant manner that i was a true pleasure to deal with her. Everyone from the doctors to the nurses were extremely nice, however, Johanna was exceptional."
- L.W.


"The intensive care nurses were beyond wonderful. Besides the direct care I received, the caring behavior that was given to my family and friends is indescribable. New York Methodist is truly a healing institution."
- Joseph C.


"The staff made me feel safe and comfortable. As they worked with me, I felt as though each person was focused solely on my needs and genuinely cared about me. It's one of the best health care experiences I've ever had."
- Karen K.


"I know that for the rest of my life, whenever I think of New York Methodist Hospital and my stay there, it is the kindness, the caring, the humor and gentle healing patience of the nursing staff that will instantly pop into my mind."
- Barbara D.

"The NICU staff is just incredible. The doctors and nurses were kind and patient and always available to answer my questions and provide explanations."
- Jennifer F.


"Thank you very much for, not only, your medical expertise and skill, but for your genuine concern and kindness. I will never forget your thoughtful attention."
- Carmen S.



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