The pain was inescapable. No position or angle could bring relief from the constant piercing ache that ran from Lorraine Foley’s shoulder down to her fingers.

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Comprehensive Lung Cancer Center

According to the National Cancer Institute, lung cancer is the second most common cancer and also one of the most dangerous.

Smoking significantly increases a person's chance of developing lung cancer, but people who have never smoked are also at risk for the disease.

What is the New York Methodist Hospital's Free Fred L. Mazzilli Lung Cancer Screening Program?

Because early detection of lung cancer increases the chances of successful treatment, we encourage people who have smoked for a number of years to find out whether or not they have early stage lung cancer, which may have no discernible symptoms.

At New York Methodist Hospital, a team of dedicated cancer experts diagnose and treat lung cancer. If you are at special risk for lung cancer, our team will guide you through the screening process. In the event of an abnormal test, you will be provided with the medically necessary, state-of-art services offered by our team.

View more information about New York Methodist Hospital's Fred L. Mazzilli Free Lung Cancer Screening Program and learn whether or not you are at special risk and eligible to participate.

NYM is currently offering the Lung Cancer Screening to individuals at risk at no cost. Call today - 718.780.5835.

For more information, to speak with a physician, or to arrange a screening evaluation with New York Methodist's Fred L. Mazzilli Lung Cancer Screening Program, please call 718.780.LUNG.

Treatment for Lung Cancer at NYM

Treatment for lung cancer often requires surgery, radiation, or a combination of these treatments. Treatment may involve services at multiple locations from multiple physicians, technologists, and other specialists.

New York Methodist Hospital's Comprehensive Lung Cancer Center (CLCC) coordinates and consolidates all services related to the treatment of this disease in a single institution. Our approach simplifies the cancer journey for patients and their families. Patients go to one place for all their consultations, tests, procedures, treatments, support, and follow-up.

The CLCC includes a core group of physicians who are radiation and medical oncologists, thoracic surgeons, pulmonologists, interventional pulmonologists, and interventional radiologists. This entire team of experts meets on a bi-weekly basis to discuss all new cases and obtain input from all members of the team. The result is a well-coordinated plan of care.

As lung cancer is generally diagnosed in older individuals, there is an increased need for techniques that are well-tolerated by older patients. New York Methodist offers patients a full range of procedures including minimally invasive diagnostic and treatment techniques that offer a high degree of accuracy while reducing patient discomfort.

The treatment options offered at NYM are many, and while they include surgery (both robotic and traditional) and radiation treatment, patients who are not eligible for surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy can receive specialized treatments using interventional pulmonology, which involves minimally invasive techniques and can be applied to a variety of situations.

For more information on the Comprehensive Lung Cancer Center, please call 718.780.5835.

For more information on the Institute for Cancer Care, call 866.411.ONCO (866.411.6626).

For more information on the Institute for Asthma and Lung Diseases, call 866.ASK.LUNG (866.275.5864).

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