Victor Dugue

Victor Dugue enjoys playing music. He'd never spent a night in a hospital before his heart attack. NYM's doctors performed surgery and helped him make changes in his life. He was back to playing the organ in his church within weeks.

Read more about Victor Dugue and his experience at NYM.

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Diabetes Education and Resource Center

718.246.8600 or 718.246.8603

Living with diabetes can be difficult. At the Diabetes Education and Resource Center, our mission is to provide quality comprehensive diabetes self-management education.

Education can help people with diabetes manage their health, minimize long-term complications, and feel better and more confident as they live their lives.

Understanding Diabetes

More than 20 million Americans suffer from diabetes, the disease which occurs when the body fails to produce enough insulin or when the insulin that is made doesn’t work effectively. As a result, food cannot be converted into energy and blood sugar levels remain abnormally high. This condition (hyperglycemia) can cause certain body changes such as fatigue, frequent urination, hunger, thirst or blurred vision—the warning signs of diabetes. There are several types of diabetes. Patients with all types of diabetes share a common goal of managing blood sugar levels as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Our Team

New York Methodist Hospital offers a multidisciplinary team of doctors including endocrinologists specializing in diabetes. The team also includes vascular (blood flow) specialists, urologists (doctors specializing in urinary health and male reproductive health), ophthalmologists (eye doctors), podiatrists (foot doctors), and cardiologists (heart doctors). We also offer an on-site diabetes educator and nutritionist, as well as access to experts on diabetes technologies, to provide comprehensive care to manage diabetes and any other related illnesses.

  • At the Center, we provide the general information and principles that help patients and families to maintain balance and eat healthier. Our nutritionist can also work closely with individual patients to help create healthy eating and fitness plans that will best meet that patient’s specific preferences and lifestyle.
  • People with diabetes may experience anxieties, challenges and a variety of emotions that can best be understood by others who have the disease. Group sessions can provide an outlet for expressing concerns and feelings and an opportunity to learn from the experiences of the group members.

View our Diabetes Education and Resource Center brochure.

Diabetes Education and Resource Center

718.246.8600 or 718.246.8603

Call 718.499.CARE (718.499.2273) to find a physician affiliated with the Diabetes Education and Resource Center.

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