Eugenio Ramos, 60, was no stranger to aches and pains. But in all of his years of working in hotel maintenance, he hadn't really encountered anything that a few aspirin and a little rest couldn't take care of.

Read more of Mr. Ramos' story here.

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Services and Classes at the Diabetes Education and Resource Center

718.246.8603 or 718.246.8600

Home Blood Glucose Monitoring

Our educator helps the newly diagnosed and veterans of diabetes master blood glucose monitoring, a major tool for feeling well and preventing and/or delaying diabetes-related complications.

Use of Hypoglycemic Agents

Oral hypoglycemic drugs control blood glucose in many type-2 diabetes cases. NYM educates and informs patients regarding oral hypoglycemic treatment, including:

  • Providing Instructions About Recognizing Side Effects
  • Contraindications
  • Drug Interactions

Insulin Administration Techniques

All individuals with type-1 diabetes and some with type-2 need to have regular injections of insulin or insulin-pump therapy. Even relatively young children administer these injections themselves. The ability to administer their own injections provides patients with a high level of independence and empowerment.

At the Center, newly diagnosed patients with diabetes, or those recently advised to take insulin injections, learn the technique of giving an injection. Equally important, they learn to calculate the proper dose of insulin. The use of insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring devices are also available to our patients.

Nutrition and Exercise

For some patients with type-2 diabetes, a change in eating and exercise habits may be all that is necessary to achieve control. For all those with the disease, good nutrition based on the diabetes food pyramid and increased physical fitness are important components of the treatment plan.

At the Center, we provide the general information and principles that help patients maintain control. We help entire families eat healthier. Our dietitian also works closely with individual patients to help create healthy eating and fitness plans to best meet that patient's specific preferences and lifestyle.

Download our healthy eating guide here.

One-Month Diabetes Classes

Offered every month, meeting Thursdays from 4PM-6PM, in four consecutive sessions:

  1. The Basics of Diabetes
  2. Healthy Heart Lessons
  3. Medications, Personal Habits, and Stress Management
  4. Steps for Prevention and Goal-Setting

All sessions are lead by registered nurses, registered dieticians, and/or certified diabetes educators.

An individual assessment appointment and signed referral from a treating physician is required to attend classes. The Diabetes Education and Resource Center can assist patients in obtaining a referral for the class. This class is covered by most insurance plans, but the benefits must be verified by the Center.

Contact us:
Diabetes Education and Resource Center
263 Seventh Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
718.246.8600 or 718.246.8603