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Bloodless Medicine and Surgery

Bloodless Medicine and Surgery -718.780.5060

New York Methodist provides options to patients who decline blood or blood products during surgery because of personal concerns or religious beliefs. The Bloodless Surgery Program’s use of the latest technology gives patients alternatives to blood transfusions.

Our surgeons and anesthesiologists work together to eliminate or minimize the need for blood transfusions during surgery. NYM medical professionals use special medications, instruments, equipment, and procedures to minimize blood loss, including:

  • Cell Saver: This machine collects the patient's own blood during the surgical procedure and returns it to the patient.
  • Harmonic Scalpel: A laser that simultaneously cuts tissue and clots blood
  • Volume Expanders and Hemodiluters: Given intravenously, these liquids help the patient's own blood circulate.
  • Synthetic Erythropoietin: Medication that enables the body to produce a reserve of red blood cells
  • Autogenic Blood Transfusion: Patients pre-deposit their own blood in the Hospital blood bank for use during surgery, if needed.

Our health care providers specially tag charts and records to make it clear to the entire medical team that a particular patient declines donor transfusions. If you choose bloodless surgery, you can feel confident that your requests and needs will be met.

Ask your doctor for more information or call us at 718.780.5060.

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