"I can never forget that I'm operating on kids whose faces are still developing... "

Meet Sydney C. Butts M.D., Assistant Director for NYM's Center for Advanced Pediatric Otolaryngology.

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Pediatric After Hours Center


Children don't get sick during office hours alone! For non-emergencies like sore throats, ear aches, cold and falls, NYM's board-certified pediatricians treat children-newborn to 18 years of age-at the Pediatric After Hours Center in Brooklyn.

We're open Monday to Friday, 6pm to 11pm and Saturdays 1pm to 6pm. No appointment is necessary.

Medical Office Pavilion
263 Seventh Avenue, 3rd Floor

Park Slope, Brooklyn

For more information, call 718.246.8543.

Find a pediatrician here or call 718.499.CARE (718.499.2273).


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