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Prepare for Admission

Getting Your Stay Off to a Good Start
We aim to make your admittance to the Hospital as smooth as possible. One way to ease any concerns you may have is to familiarize yourself with the process before you arrive. Here’s what to expect:

If you are admitted through your personal doctor, the day before your admission, a person from the Admitting Department will contact you to tell you when to arrive at the Hospital and where to go. In some cases, they may call you the day of your surgery to let you know exactly what time you should arrive. This will only happen if your personal doctor has not already given you that information.

On the day of surgery you will go directly to your assigned surgery unit. Please arrive on time! We will then give you forms to read and sign.

If you are admitted through the Emergency Department, you will be registered there. Forms will be brought to you for your signature after you have been assigned to a room.

Once admitted
, you will be given a plastic identification wristband. We ask that you keep this wristband on during your entire stay at the Hospital. Admission and discharge procedures vary slightly for each patient. Please discuss with your doctor any special steps that you must take before you are admitted.

Coming in for surgery? Learn how to prepare with the surgery information and forms here.

Phone Numbers for Admitting:
Admitting Office: (718) 780-3214
Referred Out-Patient (ROP): (718) 780-3492
Financial Counselors & Pre-Admissions Registration: (718) 780-5188
Emergency Room Registration: (718) 780-3152
Maternity Pre-Registration: (718) 780-5144
Administrative Office: (718) 780-3293

Health Insurance and Your Financial Responsibilities:
A member of the admitting staff will go over your insurance before or at the time of admission. On or before admission, you will be asked to pay in full for estimated charges not covered by your insurance. The Hospital accepts cash and major credit cards for payment.

If you have questions about what you owe, please contact a financial counselor at 718.780.5188.

Maternity patients who have questions about their financial responsibilities prior to delivery can speak with a specialized financial counselor by calling 718.780.5144.