Josette Fletcher,
Surgical Waiting Room Liaison Volunteer, 
"Volunteering as a Surgical Waiting Room Liaison allows me to help people anxiously waiting for news on their loved ones.  The most important thing for me is in making a difference."

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Surgical Waiting Room Liaison 

Have you ever waited for news about a loved one in surgery?  Do you recall your concern and stress? Was there someone available to answer your questions, help you find your way around the hospital and listen to your concerns?

That is the role of our surgical waiting-room liaison volunteers.   Based in the main lobby of the Hospital, the liaison volunteers are available to lend a hand, provide a friendly ear and guide family members through the waiting process.

This is a great volunteer opportunity for experienced adults who enjoy communicating with the public and being a problem solver.  The goal is to make sure the family and friends of surgical patients have access to information they need to cope during a challenging day.

Minimum age: Mature
Minimum time: One 4-hour shift a week for a minimum of six months

Times: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

Training and support are provided.