Jane Bassawitz,
Cuddler Volunteer
"Helping in a meaningful way to meet the needs of the babies and their families as well as the NICU staff are my reasons for wanting to volunteer. Cuddling these precious little ones brings me complete joy, peace and satisfaction."

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Volunteers of the Month

August 2013

Our August Volunteers of the Month are the 63 Junior Volunteers, the teenagers who joined us for our various summer programs.

Who the Junior volunteers are:

  • They are students involved in three NYM programs: Summer Youth Employment Program, 1199 Summer Youth Mentoring Program and the Friends and Family Program.
  • Many are students seeking patient care experience because they dream about careers in healthcare.
  • They provide between eight and 25 hours of service per week.

What Junior volunteers do at NYM:

  • They help care for patients throughout the Hospital by assisting them with eating, responding to their call bells, assessing patient comfort, and talking with and comforting patients and their families. They are invaluable members of the nursing care team.

  • They volunteer in the administrative offices providing clerical assistance.
    They volunteer in the Department of Facilities, helping to keep our Hospital cool and running smoothly.

  • They manage the patient library, bringing donated books and magazines to patients and their families throughout the Hospital

Their response to volunteering:

  • “I like to volunteer because it is a great learning experience and you get to know a lot of people and make people happy.” –Samantha Vega
  • “Volunteering has opened my eyes to new jobs in the medical field.” –Sabrina Walters
  • “I get to make patients’ days a little bit better by bringing a positive feel.” –Raechelle Ellison
  • “Volunteering has taught me how to maintain all the machines; if I go to a trade school this will really give me a head start.” –Kaleem Cooke
  • “Volunteering gives me a chance to experience things I’ve never done before.” –Arthur Kee

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