Ia Topuria,
CHF-VIP Volunteer
"I was brought up believing it is what we give to others that stays with us forever.  I like to give a little bit of my warmth to each patient, hoping it will make them feel better while they are facing tough times.

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Exciting Program Assisting
Congestive Heart Failure Patients 


New York Methodist's Congestive Heart Failure Volunteer Intervention Program (CHF-VIP) was created to enhance patients' understanding of congestive heart failure and to teach patients practical techniques and skills to help manage their disease.  CHF-VIP Volunteers partner with patients and NYM professional staff members to bridge the gap in patient information through education. 

Volunteers interview CHF patients, using health literacy techniques, to determine the patient's knowledge and ability to grasp the importance of ongoing maintenance of this disease (including: medication regimens, daily weight management, diet adherence and the importance of consistent follow up with physician through post-discharge appointments).  To support the patient at home the volunteers make follow-up phone calls to: boost patient involvement, improve patient awareness, with the goal to ultimately reduce rates of re-hospitalization within thirty days.  CHF-VIP volunteers are also responsible for assisting with mobilization of patients, distributing meal trays, stocking supplies, and any other tasks that facilitate patient-centered care.  

Highlights of the CHF Program:

  • Volunteers receive training from a vice president for nursing, the director of non-invasive cardiac imaging, and a social worker.
  • Volunteers provide one-to-one patient education on CHF management skills.
  • Volunteers make weekly follow-up calls to discharged patients for the first month to provide on-going education regarding awareness of CHF symptoms, medication compliance,  weight, diet, and exercise.

Best suited for those with an interest in:

  • Public health
  • Health literacy
  • Pre-medical education
  • Cardiology
  • Nursing

Requirements of this program: 

  • Previous patient care experience
  • Completion of initial application and interview
  • Completion of medical clearance and general orientation.
  • Completion of CHF-specific group training. Please note this training will be provided during the work week.
  • Completion of CHF volunteer-to-volunteer training
  • Commitment to eight to ten hours a week, with at least four of those hours falling between 8am and 4pm, Monday through Friday.
  • A full six-month commitment.

How to apply

Complete the online application.