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On April 3, 2014, New York Methodist Hospital sent the following document to the Board of Standards and Appeals.

On March 20, 2014, New York Methodist Hospital filed documents to amend the special permit for the existing garage to allow required parking for the new building to be located within the existing garage. The documents are available below.

New York Methodist Hospital filed additional documents with the Board of Standards and Appeals on March 4, 2014. The documents are available below.

Transcripts of the Board of Standards and Appeals Hearing, February 11, 2014.

Presentation given at Board of Standards and Appeals, February 11, 2014.

New York Methodist Hospital filed additional documents with the Board of Standards and Appeals on January, 28 2014. The documents are available below.

Presentation Given at Landmarks/Land Use Committee Meeting, January 6, 2014.

Additional images and information, posted January 2, 2014.
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New York Methodist Hospital filed additional documents with the Board of Standards and Appeals on December 20, 2013. The documents are available below.

New York Methodist Hospital filed an application for several variances with the Board of Standards and Appeals on October 16, 2013. The documents are available below.


November 13, 2013
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Community Board Six Public Hearing to be Held on New York Methodist Hospital Variance Application for Outpatient Care Facility Construction

BROOKLYN, NY— New York Methodist Hospital (NYM) will make a presentation about its application for land use variances to construct a new building at a public hearing of the Landmarks/Land Use Committee of Community Board 6 on Thursday, November 21 at 6 p.m. The meeting will be held in the auditorium of the John Jay Educational Campus, 237 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11215.

The Center for Community Health is expected to house an outpatient surgery center with 12 operating rooms for same-day surgery; a new endoscopy suite with six special procedure rooms; a cancer center of excellence that will include both radiation oncology and chemotherapy; Institutes for Neurosciences, Orthopedics and Women’s Health; physicians’ offices; an after-hours urgent care center and conference rooms.

The Hospital presented preliminary plans for construction of the new outpatient care facility at public meetings held in June and July. NYM’s development team then worked over the summer to address issues raised by community members in response to these initial proposals, and presented revised plans at public meetings held in September.

However, in order to fit the programmatic needs of the proposed facility, modifications (i.e. variances) of zoning resolutions governing lot coverage, rear yard equivalents, height and setback, rear yard setbacks, distribution of floor area across zoning district boundaries, and number and surface area of signs are required. The application for these variances was filed with the NYC Board of Standards and Appeals in October.

“The current plans for NYM’s Center for Community Health are largely the result of months of direct input from Park Slope residents,” said Lyn Hill, vice president for communication and external affairs at NYM. “We look forward to the November 21 public hearing, and encourage all community members who wish to hear more about the project, and make their voices heard, to attend.”


October 1, 2013
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New York Methodist Hospital Unveils Updated Plans for Outpatient Care Facility at Community Meetings

New York Methodist Hospital (NYM) presented revised plans and an initial design for a new outpatient care center at community meetings on September 26 and September 30. The meetings were held at John Jay Educational Campus and Congregation Beth Elohim, respectively.

NYM had presented preliminary plans for the new building earlier this summer to solicit the input of Park Slope residents and community leaders. The Hospital’s goal is to create a modern 21st century outpatient care facility, including a 12-operating room ambulatory surgery suite, a cancer center of excellence, a new endoscopy suite with six special procedure rooms, and physician offices, among other programs and services. While developing a facility that meets the Hospital’s present and future needs remains paramount, NYM has continually prioritized an open dialogue with Park Slope community members regarding the building's design, its expression and relationship to Park Slope.

The new building represents the Hospital’s response to a rapidly changing healthcare environment. Modern technology has enabled many medical procedures that previously required long hospital stays to be performed on an outpatient basis. Because ambulatory care is considered more efficient and cost-effective, as well as more convenient for patients, the government and private insurers are expecting that more and more services will be offered on an outpatient basis and the State of New York is currently encouraging hospitals to build outpatient care centers. The new healthcare delivery system assumes that such centers will be incorporated into hospitals. Nearly every major hospital in Manhattan is currently planning, building or has just completed an outpatient care center.

Following meetings held in June and July, NYM’s development team for the project found five major areas of concern that were expressed by community members at the meetings and in follow-up email messages. These areas included the traffic circulation pattern, the shape of the building, the design, incorporation of green space, and construction plans. The team worked to address each of these issues and presented revisions to the original plans at its September meetings.
  • The initial proposal was revised so that all traffic to the new building will enter and exit on Sixth Street, instead of entering on Sixth Street and exiting on Fifth Street as was originally contemplated. To alleviate traffic congestion on Sixth Street, drop-off space was added for cars and ambulettes discharging patients.
  • To the greatest extent possible, the architects moved the bulk of the building away from residential areas and onto Sixth Street, across from the current Hospital inpatient buildings.
  • Comments made and principles suggested for development of a design that would fit the Park Slope context were incorporated into the proposed design for the building.
  • Green roofs and small gardens were incorporated into the design of the building. Trees will surround it.
  • Most of the construction activities will be accessed from Sixth Street, with minimal activity on Eighth Avenue and Fifth Street. State-of-the-art equipment will be used to minimize noise and dust. Regular communication, via print and electronic media, will be used to inform near neighbors about any changes in construction activity. In addition, off-site parking will be established for and made available to the construction workers.
After the September presentations, many members of the community still expressed reservations about the plan; especially with regard to its impact on traffic and parking around the Hospital. In response to the questions and comments, Councilman Brad Lander has created a Traffic Task Force that will identify and examine the various traffic and parking issues in the blocks surrounding the Hospital and will consider possible solutions to these problems. Along with Hospital representatives, the Task Force will include participants from the NYC Department of Transportation, Community Board Six, Park Slope Neighbors and the Park Slope Civic Council.

"New York Methodist Hospital has called Park Slope its home for over 130 years," said Mark J. Mundy, president and CEO of NYM. "We were founded in response to concerns about a lack of hospitals in our borough. As Brooklyn evolved, and medicine evolved, New York Methodist Hospital evolved as well. Now, as health care delivery shifts to outpatient settings, and NYM’s patient population continues to grow, our new outpatient care center will help ensure that New York Methodist Hospital has the facilities it needs to provide our community with a quality health care institution now and in the years ahead.”

  • Community members are encouraged to continue providing suggestions in input for the facility by emailing

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