“We were all ready to head out on a college tour upstate,” remembers Elliot Greene. “The night before we were to leave, my son, Geoffrey, complained that he wasn’t feeling so well—there was some abdominal cramping and he had no appetite.

Read more of Geoffrey Green's story here.

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The Institute for Diabetes and Other Endocrine Disorders

Diabetes and Other Endocrine Disorders

Living with diabetes or any endocrine disorder can be difficult. The Institute for Diabetes and Other Endocrine Disorders seeks to support patients through information, resources, and top-notch medicine and expertise. We believe in our patients and endeavor to help them make the most informed decisions for their health and for their lives.

The Institute's panel of specialists includes endocrinologists, otolaryngologists, general surgeons, neurosurgeons, obstetricians, infertility specialists, radiation oncologists, and radiologists, as well as many other health care specialists, such as nutritionists and health educators. We offer a comprehensive Diabetes Education and Resource Center for people living with diabetes.

Find a physician affiliated with the Institute for Diabetes and Other Endocrine Disorders or call 866.4GLAND2 (866.445.2632).

Download the institute's brochure or request that a brochure be mailed to you.

To request educational speakers or other community participation from NYM relating to the Institute for Diabetes and Other Endocrine Disorders, or for more information, please visit the relevant Community Education and Programs pages and then contact the Department of Public Affairs with your request or inquiry.

Diabetes and Other Endocrine Disorders Programs

Diabetes Center

At the Diabetes Education and Resource Center, our mission is to provide quality comprehensive diabetes

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Osteoporosis is a silent disease that affects some 20 million people each year.

Weight Management

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Weight Loss Surgery

Highly trained surgeons perform gastric band surgery, gastric bypass surgery, and sleeve gastroectomy for

Other Diabetes and Endocrine Disorders Services

Foot and Ankle Center

The Foot and Ankle Center at New York Methodist will help you “stand up” to an active life. NYM's Division of Podiatry, based out of the Center, treats virtually all foot and ankle disorders, MORE

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