"Giving back has become even more important in these difficult times we're living in, and I've always seemed to be the go-to person that my family and friends reach out to when they need a sympathetic ear to listen to them.  As long as you have health and strength you need to give back.  I truly enjoy it.”

Roxanne Michele Serville, Ambassador Volunteer 

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Each year over 1,000 individuals from throughout New York City devote time to adding a dimension of care for, and service to, the patients at NYM. Volunteering at any of our healthcare facilities provides opportunities improve and enrich the lives of others.  At the same time service can advance a volunteer's career goals, support college and university education and open new doors to develop and pursue interests, skills and talents.  We treasure our volunteers and encourage them to stay with us as long as they are available. Come join our team!

For our year-round programs NYM asks that volunteers commit to a minimum of 150 hours and six months of service, unless otherwise specified.

This time commitment allows the volunteer to make a real impact on his or her project area and provides the greatest return of personal satisfaction.

When volunteers reach this milestone they become eligible for documentation of hours completed.

Due to the number of applications we receive, we are unable to respond to everyone. We will respond to applicants who we determine to be good matches for programs which have openings.

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