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Public Reporting

There are hundreds of ways to measure hospital quality and there is no single definitive source that provides comprehensive information about efforts to improve quality and safety. In fact, different sources may produce widely different ratings for the same services, using different definitions or different measurement criteria. However, New York Methodist Hospital generally does well on these "report cards" and we are pleased to share some of the more significant results. Where our scores indicate room for improvement, you may be sure that we are making extra effort to find new solutions.

Here are some of the more significant results that we have achieved from different organizations that provide ratings. For more information about any of them, click on the adjoining link to learn more.

  • United States Department of Health and Human Services:

    The US government collects data and rates hospitals on a number of measures including process of care, outcome of care, use of medical imaging, patients' hospital experiences and patient safety safety measures. Nearly all of our scores are on or above the state and national average. View our US government data here.

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