Meet Thea Johnson
Meet Thea Johnson
For months, preemie Thea fought to breathe. We fought alongside her, pioneering new techniques to help her win.

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Emergency Medicine Student Information

The New York Methodist Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency Training Program invites and welcomes all third and fourth year medical students interested in emergency medicine to participate in our medical student elective.

Students receive an orientation packet, which includes assigned readings and outlines of common clinical problems. Medical students participate in the daily activities of the department including direct patient care under faculty and resident supervision. Didactic instruction includes the all-day Wednesday resident educational conference, which at times includes field trips. In addition, individualized and group student sessions are held to include core topics such as abdominal pain, ECG/chest pain, dyspnea, pediatric fever, trauma, orthopedic splinting, toxicology, and cardiac life support. Many of these lectures are supplemented with oral case scenarios.

For those interested, an option to participate in ongoing departmental research projects is offered. An introductory lecture on research methodologies is offered as an adjunct to this option.

At the end of the elective, all students will be given an informal comprehensive written exam as a means to prepare the student(s) for Step II of the USMLE. Each question will be reviewed in-depth with the student(s).

The elective is designed as 40-hours per week, 8 clinical hours per shift. If you are interested in scheduling an emergency medicine elective at New York Methodist Hospital, please call 718-780-5040. For those interested in housing, every effort will be made to accommodate you. Please call Marissa Barnes at 718-780-3309 for questions regarding housing.

How To Apply:
All applications for will be handled via the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS), a program of the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC). To begin the process of applying to our program, please visit the AAMC ERAS web site to obtain an "Applicant Information Sheet (AIS).

Resident Selection Criteria
Applicants must fill out an initial application through the Electronic Residency Application system (ERAS). Upon Receipt of a completed application, a selection committee (made up of the Program Director, the Department Chair and Vice-Chair, and selected faculty) reviews the application.

Applicants are selected and invited for an interview based on preparedness, ability, aptitude, academic credentials and personal qualities/skills. Applicants are evaluated without regard for their sex, race, age, religion color, national origin, disability or veteran status. At the interview the Program Director and/or Chair , and at least two faculty members will evaluate the applicant. Recommendations regarding acceptance, rejection and placement on the NRMP match list are by consensus.

Each resident at the time of residency matriculation must:

  • Be a graduate of an accredited College of Medicine
  • Have passed USMLE Step I and Step II
  • Sign an annual residency contract