"We were all ready to head out on a college tour upstate," remembers Elliot Greene. "The night before we were to leave, my son, Geoffrey, complained that he wasn't feeling so well-there was some abdominal cramping and he had no appetite.

Read more of Geoffrey Green's story here.

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Pediatric Weight Management


New York Methodist offers a weight management program for children that's customized to each child's individual health needs and that takes into account the unique sensitivities of children and pediatric health. What makes this program different from other weight management programs is that each child and family is guided by a pediatrician and qualified team whose recommendations come specifically from the patient's needs and health risks.

Each child is seen by a pediatrician during every visit. The focus ison discussing healthy choices, the challenges of school food and theneed to avoid drinking too much juice, fruit-flavored drinks, and sodas. Physical activity is in encouraged. Much of the counseling is geared towards the parents, families, and caregivers.

Occasionally, at the family's request, a physician may provide patients with detailed dietary plans. However, as most children cannot follow a dietary plan, recommendations are generally favored over rigid diets.

For more information or to schedule and appointment please call 718.246.8515.

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