Eugenio Ramos, 60, was no stranger to aches and pains. But in all of his years of working in hotel maintenance, he hadn't really encountered anything that a few aspirin and a little rest couldn't take care of.

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CT Scan

What is a CT scan?
A CT scan is a very useful tool to diagnosis various health issues. The scanner is really a computer that uses an x-ray beam to take a picture around your entire body. The computer is able to recreate sections of your body for further study. A CT scan is a painless exam, and remember even though the scanner is very large, it will not hurt you or touch you.

Before the Exam
Remember to wear loose comfortable clothing and remove all jewelry, hairpins, eyeglasses and dentures. You may need to avoid food 4 to 6 hours before the exam, make sure to talk about this with your doctor.

During the Exam
A CT scan is an outpatient exam that will take approximately one hour. A technologist who specializes in CT scans will perform the exam. Remember to tell the technologist if you have any allergies, such as an iodine allergy, before the procedure begins. Women, tell the technologist if you think you may be pregnant. If contrast medium is needed for your procedure it will be provided to you at the scanning site. Let your technologist know if you feel any negative reactions from the contrast medium.

The technologist will position you on the exam table. The technologist will begin the scan. Remember to relax and remain still as you are scanned. You may hear a whirring noise, which is normal. The main body parts scanned in a CT are: Head, Chest, and Abdomen/Pelvis. For head and chest CT's you will receive contrast medium, if required, by an IV. For Abdomen or Pelvic CT's you will need to drink a bottle of contrast medium, remember to arrive 1 hour in advance to give yourself enough time.

After the Exam
When the exam is complete a NYM radiologist will study your CT scan. Your designated health care provider or practitioner will provide your results to you.

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