It was 9:30 at night and Anna Young, 42, was sitting on her bed typing and strategizing on her laptop. She was opening her own business and going to law school and had just returned from working in Europe at her job as a banker-she had many balls in the air.

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Magnetic Resonant Imaging

What is an MRI?
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses a computer, a large magnet, and radio waves to produce a 2 or 3 dimensional image of your body. The magnetic field used is not harmful. The images are recorded on film. MRI's can help reduce the need for diagnostic surgery because the images provided are very precise.

How Do I Prepare for the Exam?
No preparation is required at home. Eat and take your usual medications unless otherwise instructed by your doctor.

What Will Happen During the Exam?
A specially trained technologist will perform the exam. Before being scanned, the technologist will ask you to remove all jewelry, clothing with metal and other items such as your wallet or keys. These items will be secured while you are being scanned. Note: if you are scheduled for a head MRI, please do not wear any eye make-up. Women, if you think you may be pregnant please inform the technologist before the exam begins.

The technologist will position you on the MRI table. You may receive an injection of contrast media; let the technologist know if you feel sick as a result. Remember to hold still during the scan so that the body image is not blurred. You will here the machine make a knocking noise, this is normal, do not worry. Ask the technologist if there are any earplugs available to help reduce the noise. You will not feel anything during the scan.

After the Exam
When the exam is complete a NYM doctor who specializes in MRI's will study your scan. Your designated health care provider or practitioner will provide your results to you.
For an appointment, call 718-780-3730.

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