It was 9:30 at night and Anna Young, 42, was sitting on her bed typing and strategizing on her laptop. She was opening her own business and going to law school and had just returned from working in Europe at her job as a banker-she had many balls in the air.

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Nuclear Medicine Services

What is Nuclear Medicine?

Nuclear Medicine uses very small amounts of radioactive material to help doctors diagnose and treat health conditions. Nuclear medicine provides accurate images of your body's organs and tissues and provides important information on how your organs are working.

Is Nuclear Medicine Safe?

Nuclear Medicine uses about the same amount of radiation as an x-ray.

Before the Exam

Check with you doctor for special instructions.

During the Exam

The length of the exam will vary, check with you doctor for exam details. The basic exam will include the following steps:

  • A nuclear medicine technologist (trained in nuclear medicine and works with a nuclear medicine doctor) will prepare and give you the radioactive material-remember only tiny amounts of short-lived material is used.
  • The material will travel to the specific organ or tissue that is going to be examined.
  • The material will give off a gamma ray, a specific type of radiation that can only been seen with special equipment. The equipment does not give off any radiation.
  • The nuclear medicine technologist will use the special equipment to create an image of the organ or tissue being examined.

After the Exam

The images will be studies by a nuclear medicine doctor, a specialist trained in nuclear medicine testing and treatment. The results will be shared with your designated health care provider or practitioner.

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