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Pharmacy Services

The Pharmacy Department, located on the 2nd Floor of Carrington Pavilion, stores and dispenses all medications-drugs and chemicals-used throughout the Hospital. The Pharmacy provides patient medication consultations and promotes medication safety practices.

If you are an inpatient at NYM, the Pharmacy is responsible for all of your medication needs, including any medications that you may have brought with you to the Hospital. The pharmacy will store your medication during your stay if you have brought it with you to the Hospital. The department complies with all pharmacy practice standards, and all state and federal regulatory requirements.

Hospital pharmacy services are provided 24 hours a day 7 days a week. On average, 75,000 prescriptions and 600,000 doses, are dispensed on a monthly basis. The Pharmacy uses automated technology to ensure that you receive the correct medication. A computerized physician medication order system, automatic medication dispensing machines on patient floors, a medication delivery robot, a bar code system, and a check/recheck medication approval process are a few of the medication safety precautions utilized at NYM to ensure the quality and accuracy of the medication you need while under our care.