Alphonzo Grant

It was the perfect storm: the stress of a winter chest cold, a dusty home renovation, and playing a bit fast and loose with his inhaler.  Alphonzo Grant had set himself up for a major asthma attack.

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Treatment for Sinusitis

Every year millions of Americans are diagnosed with sinusitis, a chronic infection or inflammation of the sinus lining, caused by bacterial, viral, and/or microbial infections. People with sinusitis experience a range of symptoms, such as constant nasal congestion, facial pains, headaches, fatigue, sore throat, teeth pain, discharge of yellow or green mucus from the nose, and loss of smell.

If you believe that you or a family member may be suffering from sinusitus, or any problem affecting the ear, nose or throat, it is important that the person consult with an otolaryngologist, or ear nose and throat doctor (ENT). To find one at New York Methodist, visit our Doctors Referral Service and under "Doctor's specialty" select "Otolaryngology."

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