Keerthana Keshava, M.D., spends much of her working day exploring the intricate world that lies deep inside the airways, lungs and the lung lining.

Meet Keerthana Keshava, M.D., Attending Interventional Pulmonologist at NYM.

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Asthma Services for Children

Pediatric Asthma Program | 718.780.5835

New York Methodist lung doctors recognize the unique characteristics of childhood asthma. In addition to a physical examination, the doctor will consider the family history of asthma, allergens, and irritants (such as smoke) to which the child is exposed, severity of symptoms, and results from breathing tests.

Working with parents, the pediatricians, pediatric pulmonologists (doctors who specialize in lung diseases), and pediatric allergists create an effective plan to manage the condition.

The physician may prescribe certain medications and devices which can include a peak flow meter to measure breathing, metered dose inhalers, spacers that attach to inhalers, nebulizers that deliver medication in a mist, and medication in tablet form.

To contact the New York Methodist Pediatric Asthma Program or to make an appointment, please call 718.780.5835.

Find more information on pediatric and adolescent asthma from our health library here.

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