"I had originally planned to go into pulmonology, but in studying the lungs, I was increasingly fascinated with the possibilities for treating cancer," Dr. Ashamalla said.

Meet Hani Ashamalla, M.D, chairman of radiation oncology at New York Methodist Hospital.

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Radiation Oncology


Radiation oncology is one of many services available to patients who are being treated for cancer at New York Methodist Hospital. A Regional Radiation Oncology Center, NYM has the most advanced equipment which, combined with highly trained physicians, physicists, technologists, and oncology nurses, offers patients a full range of radiation therapy procedures.

Stereotactic radiosurgery and stereotactic radiotherapy, both non-invasive techniques used for lesions that might otherwise be inoperable, are performed at New York Methodist. Advanced interventions such as chemo-radiation and hyperthermia are also available at NYM. Our TrueBeam system allows NYM's oncology team to target tumors anywhere in a patient's body, from almost any angle, with ultra-concentrated beams of cancer-killing radiation, and to do so with such precision that some patients will be able to safely undergo a full, pain-free radiotherapy session in only minutes.

Patients undergoing radiation therapy generally come to the Department of Radiation Oncology at the Hospital five days a week for a period of about six to eight weeks. During this period, they receive information and education about cancer and may also participate in support groups with other patients who are receiving similar forms of therapy.

For more information on radiation oncology at NYM, please call 718.780.3677.

For The Institute for Cancer Care, call 866.411.ONCO (866.411.6626).

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