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Knee Surgery and Cartilage Restoration


Knees work hard every day. Overuse, injury, weakness, and aging cause problems in these joints. Fortunately, knee problems are often treated with non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures. Several surgeons affiliated with the Institute specialize in arthroscopic surgery. In arthroscopic surgery, a doctor uses an "arthroscope" to see inside the joint and perform the operation without creating a large cut in the joint.

New York Methodist surgeons perform arthroscopic surgeries on an outpatient basis using small instruments and small incisions. Arthroscopy enables the physician to confirm a diagnosis and treat the condition at the same time. Common problems treated with arthroscopic surgery include miniscus tears, ACL legament tears, cartilage wear, and patella problems.

Surgeons affiliated with the Institute for Orthopedic Medicine and Surgery use the latest methods to restore and repair knee cartilage. The first articular cartilage knee implantation in Brooklyn was performed at New York Methodist in 2002. This surgery replaces worn cartilage in the knee with new cartilage grown in a laboratory from the patient's own healthy tissue. The procedure restores the function of the knee and is ideal for active young people.

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