Eugenio Ramos, 60, was no stranger to aches and pains. But in all of his years of working in hotel maintenance, he hadn't really encountered anything that a few aspirin and a little rest couldn't take care of.

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Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy


Rehabilitation therapy helps patients fully recover from an orthopedic injury or illness. Partners of The Institute of Orthopedic Medicine at New York Methodist offer both inpatient and outpatient physical and occupational therapy. Hospitalized patients receive therapy at bedside or at the dedicated rehabilitation unit's acute care or rehabilitation gym.

Occupational therapists help patients master daily activities, such as

  • transfers to and in the bathroom.
  • lower body dressing.
  • fine motor control.

Physical therapists help patients with the following:

  • Strengthening exercises
  • Range of motion activities
  • Learning to walk following surgery or injury

NYM affiliate, METRO SPORTSMED®, offers outpatient physical and occupational therapy to

  • strengthen back, joint, and limb muscles.
  • improve range of motion by stretching soft tissues.
  • provide aerobic conditioning.

 For information on these services, call 718.369.8000.

For more information on all orthopedic New York Methodist rehabilitation services, call the Institute for Orthopedic Medicine and Surgery at 866.ORTHO.11 (866.678.4611).

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