Give Petros Efthimiou, M.D. a problem and he'll stick with it until it's solved.

Meet Petros Efthimiou, M.D., Associate Chief of Rheumatology at NYM.

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The Brooklyn Spine and Arthritis Center


Back trouble and arthritis are widespread problems, yet most adults find it difficult to get effective treatment. The Brooklyn Spine and Arthritis Center at New York Methodist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal disorders, ranging from mechanical back pain to spinal stenosis. We also treat rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Our unique facility is conveniently located on the Hospital campus at 263 Seventh Avenue, 2nd floor. It provides patients with easy access to the MRI/CT Center, x-ray, lab, and other resources needed to diagnose and treat all types of arthritis and back problems.

Our Services

Each patient is matched with a physician best suited to treat his or her specific problems. This means comprehensive and individualized treatment for each patient. Our services include:

To schedule an appointment, please call 718.246.8700.

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