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Treatment for Lymphedema


New York Methodist, in cooperation with Metro SportsMed, offers a special Physical Therapy Program which includes treatment for lymphedema. Lymphedema is the build up of lymph fluids from damaged lymph nodes. It causes painful swelling in the arms, breast, chest or legs.

Too few lymph nodes typically leads to inadequate draining of lymph fluid. This causes build up, swelling and pain. The condition may develop from an infection, malignancy, surgery, scar tissue, trauma, blood clots in the veins, radiation or other cancer treatment.

Symptoms of the condition include restricted range of motion in the arms or legs, pain, recurring infections in the affected area and heaviness in the arms or leg.

There is no cure, but the most common form of treatment includes manual massage techniques that move fluid to healthy lymph nodes where the fluid can drain. In addition to physical therapists carrying out these techniques, they also teach patients how to do the same at home.

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