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Herman Palmero

HermanLearn about our Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders program.

Read how Herman Palmero Conquers Parkinson's

Five years ago, Herman noticed hand tremors. Then his foot began dragging when he walked. Soon after, he was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. After a career with the NYPD, he couldn't imagine anyone or anything getting the better of him -- and he wasn't about to let it happen now.

For years, he visited different neurologists who tried managing Herman's disease. He bounced from doctor to doctor, feeling as if he was never really getting the time, attention and care he deserved. He also felt that the doctors he was seeing may have been overmedicating him. So he decided to put a stop to it and focus on finding a doctor with experience in movement disorders.

Herman sought the help of Dr. Miran Salgado, a movement disorders specialist at New York Methodist. Dr. Salgado confirmed that Herman did indeed have Parkinson's and that he was being over-medicated.

By this time, Herman's disease had progressed to the point where it caused him unbearable back pain. So Dr. Salgado's recommendation was simple and clear -- regular exercise and closely monitored medication.

Herman didn't skip a beat - he immediately joined a gym and began exercising. He even hired a trainer. His wife, Nancy, joined the gym, too, to offer Herman the support and the motivation he needed to attend the gym regularly.

Now more than five years into the disease, Herman feels great. He's mobile and does so many of the activities he always has. He eats right, exercises several times a week and takes his medication precisely as prescribed by Dr. Salgado.

Perhaps most importantly is Herman's state of mind. His wife, Nancy, thinks that Herman's "can do" attitude and collaborative spirit in working with his medical team at NYM has made all the difference in slowing the Parkinson's.

"Dr. Salgado is more like a friend than a doctor to me," says Herman. "He spends time listening to me during my office visit. Whatever I want to talk about, we discuss. I'm never made to feel rushed or silly for asking questions."

Dr. Salgado works closely with the rest of Herman's medical team to ensure that his care is integrated and cares for the whole body and mind. "My doctors do their part. I do mine. Together we're conquering PD," says Herman.

Read more about Herman Palmero in the 2010 NYM Annual Report.

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