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Lisa Aguilera del Puerto

Lisa Aguillera del PuertoHow Lisa Aguilera del Puerto Found Peace of Mind

One Friday night, Lisa was home, relaxing with her family in Park Slope when she noticed her daughter, Sofia, suddenly developed a rash and high fever. The illness came out of nowhere and Lisa panicked.

Lisa called her NYM pediatrician, Dr. Dyan Hes, who recommended that Lisa take Sofia to New York Methodist's After Hours Pediatric Center. So Lisa and Sofia headed to the Center. "Within 10 minutes of handing over my insurance card, we were in an exam room with a doctor. Check in was fast and easy. And our doctor was wonderful!" says Lisa.

The board certified pediatrician diagnosed Sofia with a virus, which would eventually take care of itself within a few hours. He also made recommendations to treat Sofia's dry skin.

Sofia had fully recovered by the next morning.

One of the things that stands out about NYM, Lisa says, is the customer service. "NYM staff was friendly and efficient. Good customer service, for sure. Everyone was thoughtful and kind, which is exactly what I needed during an urgent situation."

Lisa was so happy with her experience that she went home and posted reviews on local blogs. "My daughter received quality care and I'd recommend the After Hours Center to other parents," says Lisa.

NYM's Pediatric After Hours Center is at 263 Seventh Avenue, 3rd floor, above Barnes and Nobles. 718.246.8543.