"Though I've been in this field for decades, the pace of discovery lately has been truly astounding," says Miran Salgado, M.D.

Meet Miran Salgado, M.D., chairman of neurosciences at NYM.

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Support Groups

Find the most recent event calendar on our newsroom page. Please call the phone numbers below for dates, times and locations. Many support groups also require a phone call for registration. The support groups currently available at New York Methodist include the following:

Alzheimer's Disease Wellness Support Group: 718.246.8590

Alzheimer's Disease Care 4 Caretakers: 718.246.8590

Bereavement Support Group: 718.780.3396

Brain Aneurysm Support Group: 718.246.8610

Breastfeeding Support Group: 718.780.5078*

Caregivers Support Group: 718.780.5367

Diabetes Support Group: 718.246.8603*

Look Good . . . Feel Better, (for women with cancer): 718.780.3593

Multiple Sclerosis Support Group: 800.344.4867

Parkinson's Disease Support Group: 646.704.1792

Parkinson's Disease Caregivers Support Group: 646.704.1792

Parkinson's Disease Wellness and Exercise Classes: 646.704.1792

Pulmonary Hypertension Support Group: 718.780.5614

Stroke Support Group: 718.780.3777

Surgical Weight Reduction Information Seminar and Support Group: 718.780.3288

*No registration required.