"Endoscopy for gastrointestinal procedures only came into use about 10 years ago," Mukul Arya, M.D., explains. "Where in the past a major surgery would have been required, we can now use a small fiber-optic viewer for early cancer detection or the removal of benign tumors."

Meet Mukul Arya, M.D., Gastroenterologist, Director of Advanced Endoscopy at NYM.

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Center for Liver Diseases

The New York Methodist Center for Liver Diseases provides excellence in the evaluation, treatment and management of a variety of liver diseases. Our nationally respected hepatologists (physicians who specialize in liver diseases) utilize a comprehensive, compassionate, multidisciplinary team approach.

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As a member of the NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare System of hospitals, NYM is an active participant in the liver transplant program at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. We work closely with patients and their family members, using a team of physicians, nurses, social work, nutritionists, and other support staff to ensure the highest quality of care both before and after the transplant.

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