"Although our field is one that involves looking at images, we never lose sight of what those images mean to real people."

Meet Steven Garner, M.D., chair of the Department of Radiology at New York Methodist Hospital.

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Outpatient Radiology Imaging Center

New York Methodist Hospital is home to one of the most advanced imaging centers in New York City.  With  a 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system, a 128-slice computed tomography (CT) scanner and a 4D Ultrasound machine,  NYM can produce the highest quality images and immediately incorporate the results into a patient's electronic medical record.

The Center's 3 Tesla MRI system provides images of the spine, brain, bones, the circulatory system, and soft tissue with no harmful radiation, and with greater detail than previous technology. The new system is not only faster, but also built with a more open, wider tunnel, so that the experience of undergoing an MRI comes with much greater comfort than was the case with other systems. Patients can even listen to music through their own devices and have a friend or family member in the room with them during the procedure.

The new 128-slice CT scanner can be used to provide noninvasive tests such as coronary CT scans and virtual colonoscopies. One of the system's key benefits is its ability to perform a CT scan with dramatically reduced radiation exposure—up to 80 percent less, in some cases. Though reduced radiation exposure is valuable for all patients, children in particular benefit from this feature. NYM participates in the Alliance for Radiation in Pediatric Imaging's Image Gently campaign.

The Outpatient Radiology Imaging Center also offers an attractive, patient-friendly setting. The waiting areas are spacious and brightly lit and the private changing rooms offer personal televisions. Along with the sophisticated equipment and technology, the Center's environment functions to make patients thoroughly comfortable.

To contact NYM's Outpatient Radiology Imaging Center, call 718.780.5950.

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