Victor Dugue

Victor Dugue enjoys playing music and being healthy. He'd never spent a night in a hospital before his heart attack. NYM's doctors performed surgery and helped him make changes in his life. He was back to playing the organ in his church within weeks.

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Research on Digestive and Liver Disorders

The Institute for Digestive and Liver Disorders is an active participant in various ongoing research projects, aimed at understanding the balance between health and disease while improving quality of life for our patients. Our expert teams of gastroenterologists and hepatologists are nationally respected and have published extensively in national, peer reviewed journals. 

To enhance our understanding of disease processes, we have initiated a research fellowship program. Currently, we have ongoing research projects in several areas, including new treatment options for hepatitis, fatty liver disease, and liver cancer. We are also involved in projects that explore ways to improve patient care and health care delivery. 

To find more information on ongoing research projects, browse the Medicine section of  NYM Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals.